TriggerTech Adaptable AR Primary Trigger - Flat


$ 239.99 

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Introducting TriggerTech's TT-AR-15 Adjustable Trigger - Changing the game on trigger feel. No Creep! Super Short Reset! Adjustable from 2 to 5lb pull.

  • Short Two Stage Action, designed to feel like a 1911 trigger
  • Frictionless Release Technology (FRT)™ Zero Creep 
  • FLAT Trigger Lever
  • Adjustability from  ~2 to 5 lbs with patent pending design providing feedback indications
  • Adjusts with included allen key / adjusts quickly and on the fly from lower receiver.
  • Enhanced Reset Control™ leading to sub .030" reset
  • Optimal hammer spring and geometry for the highest possible performance
  • All Stainless Steel 440C internal components with 6061 aluminum anodized housing 
  • Straight drop-in to .154" pin (not applicable for .169" Colt)
  • AR15 and AR10 compatible

TriggerTech are the first ones to drastically change the trigger. Most all other triggers play with pivot points, sear type and polishing to achieve better breaks with all the same tools. Though these triggers are great improvements, sliding friction is always present and leads to creep. 

TriggerTech has introduced a whole new method - Frictionless Release Technology™. FRT™ uses a patented free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger. This takes sliding friction out of the equation. If you take friction out of the equation, then the perfect trigger performance is possible. This is precisely what we have done. 

There is no creep in our trigger systems, and they break consistently, allowing for Precise Trigger Control. 

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