RailScales LEAF Front Sight - DBAL i2


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Lighter than Air
  • Each LEAF™ features a generous lightening cut on the bottom and are individually serialized and dated. 
  • Weight savings with LEAF™ front sight installed:
  • Troy 1.3oz, Magpul Pro 1.3oz, KAC 1.1oz , MBUS 1oz

Pic slots regained by folding front sight removal:
  • Troy Battle: Folded Down - 7 / Deployed Up - 4
  • Magpul Pro: Folded Down - 5 / Deployed Up - 3
  • KAC Micro: Folded Down - 6 / Deployed Up - 4


  • CNC Machined
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • 50/200 preset elevation zero
  • Featherweight 0.2oz
  • Orbital Grey Type 03 Hardcoat
  • Includes Mounting Hardware

LEAF™ is a fixed front iron sight that directly attaches to DBAL laser modules. Eliminating the folding front sight and hard mounting LEAF™ to your laser saves up to 7 picatinny slots of valuable rail space . Designed and developed with Sage Dynamics to push the laser to the optimal position at the front of the rail while retaining back up irons. Just mount to your laser, and adjust your rear windage to your red dot.

Truth in Trajectory
"Don't I need to adjust my elevation? " - When developing the LEAF™ front sight we zeroed 10.3", 14.5", and 16" barreled rifles at 50/200m each using 55gr, 62gr, & 77gr 5.56 military loads. We then measured the height of each of the front sights from the top of the picatinny rail. Compiling this data we found a spread difference of only 0.038", and took the mean to establish our fixed height. We reliably get center mass hits out to 300m using this measurement, and while designed for 5.56 we have also found this to be sufficient for 300 Blackout as well.
Sage Instruments
LEAF™ was the inaugural product for Sage Instruments, an extension of Sage Dynamics for product development. We worked with Sage Dynamics for several months compiling data and getting feedback to make the most functional and lightest sight for a DBAL that was possible. Offering classes in Night vision use and skills, Aaron saw the need for a solution for rail space and accessory management common on short barrel rifle configurations.

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