RailScales ASCEND™ 1911 Scales - Minidot / Ambi Safety


$ 115.00 $ 119.00


  • Fits full size government 1911 
  • Single or ambidextrous safety 
  • Includes Black Oxided 416 stainless steel screws and allen wrench
  • 0.260" Thick
  • Hybrid Magwell cut

Compared to traditional 1911 Grips.

  • 25% Lighter 
  • 80% thinner edge 
  • 65% thinner top shelf 
  • 10% more frame coverage 
  • 20% more surface area 

Description by Railscales:

1911 Scales CNC machined out of premium G10 material.

We threw out the traditional 1911 grip model and designed Ascend™ scales to melt into the frame and cover more area, redefining how grips should fit your 1911. Our 1911 grips break the 100+ year old grip profile that other companies settle for. These grips are similar to the original ones designed for the Agency/Nighthawk Agent1. Each set includes custom 416 stainless screws that have been heat treated and black oxided.

FItment by Railscales:

Because of the additional frame coverage, our grips ride very close to front and rear of the frame. Due to the frame and front strap texturing variations from every manufacturer, there is small possibility our grips may slightly over hang. Our mag well cut is a hybrid of a flat bottom and chamfer allowing for a great look whether you are using a mag well or not. They will match Nighthawk mainspring housing magwell's perfectly.

Ambi Safety model: Due to the numerous makes and versions of ambi safeties on the market minor fitment may be required for proper operation. This can be done with a file or sand paper, then re-oil with WD40 to bring the G10 back to a rich black. 


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