Multitasker Series 3X - Plain Edge / TAN G10

Multitasker Tools

$ 149.95 


You may have seen other “shooter oriented” tools, but what makes Multitasker's unique is the weapon-specific design approach. Nothing else can rival our feature set for the AR platform of rifles or match our build quality.

Unlike other mass produced multitools, Multitasker utilizes “best in class” materials and production methods to achieve build quality that is head and shoulders above the competition. For example, instead of cost-saving investment castings, Multitasker employs CNC machining (and solid billet steel material) to make the plier head and other major components. G10 scales, commonly used for tactical knives, are selected to help insure a slip-resistant gripping surface. Aluminum-bronze washers and rust resistant Ti CarboNitride (TiCN) treatment on the pliers help provide for maintenance-free operation.

That’s why Multitasker is fast becoming THE tool of choice for leading training professionals as well as elite military/law enforcement agencies. No other multitool can compare.


  • CNC machined pliers (D2 tool steel) - Not investment cast 
    • These are not cheap investment cast plier heads that many try and get away with. CNC’d from D2 tool steel, you won’t need to worry about a surprise failure and have half the plier head snap off when actually putting the tool to use. The Multitasker Series 3 plier heads feature aggressive teeth towards the back, while getting progressively finer towards the tip for more detail oriented needs. For added benefit and longevity, we’ve included replaceable wire cutter blades. Maintenance free use and ultra smooth pivoting, the Series 3 is sure to impress.
  • Non-slip G10 scales (Black or Tan)
  • 3/8" hex for LaRue mounts
  • 1/2" hex for scope rings
  • Dual lug M4 castle nut spanner wrench + screwdriver
    • Handy in the field, handy in the shop. It may be rare that your castle nut comes loose in the field, but it can happen. The Multitasker Series 3 will save the day should you or your buddies find your stock coming loose.
  • 3/32" pin punch with 8-32 male thread for OTIS cleaning kit compatibility
  • Radiused tip carbon scraper
    • Thanks to the carbon scraper build up around the bolt takes seconds to clean. The radius tip is formed perfectly for effective cleaning around an AR platform bolt. This tool alone takes the most dreaded task out of cleaning your AR-15.
  • 3" D2 tool steel knife blade - Plain edge
    • A multitool knife that is actually made to use. Built from tough D2 tool steel for strength & durability, it holds a sharp edge longer. The 3″ blade is easily deployable by it’s outside positioning and thumb stud.
  • Pocket clip (removable)
  • 1/4" magnetic bit driver with M16A2 FSP adjuster
  • Includes these commonly used hex bits and a convenient bit carrier: No.1 Phillips, 3/32 Slotted, 3/16 Hex, 9/64 Hex, 1/8 Hex, 7/64 Hex, T10 Torx, T15 Torx

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