Fowler Industries Lock Back Sight Set - Plain Rear / Fiber Front (Glock)

Fowler Industries

$ 129.00 

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The Lock Back Rear Sight was designed with input from defensive and competition shooters alike. Developed alongside one of the world's leading 1911 gunsmiths, John Jardine. The Lock Back Rear sight features Jardine's Signature 'Tactical Hook' serrated front face feature. The Lock Back's front face is serrated to provide extra traction when performing single handed manipulation of the firearm. The front face is also slightly angled forward to enhance grip on various objects.

  • Lock Back Rear Sight - .150" Notch Width / Plain Serrated 
  • Lock Back Rear Sight has 'Tactical Hook' serrated front face feature
  • Front Sight - .125" Fiber Optic Front / .245" Height
  • Red and Green fiber optics rods included.
  • Allen key not included.

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