Apex Tactical M&P 9/40 Competition Action Enhancement Kit

Apex Tactical

$ 72.00 $ 97.95


The Competition Action Enhancement Kit is designed for the action shooting sports competitor.  Our drop in kit will reduce trigger weight by approximately 4lbs*. Whether the game is IDPA, USPSA, or Steel Challenge, our Competition Action Enhancement Kit will withstand the rigors of high speed competition. Our competition striker spring and trigger return spring are shot peened to extend service life.

Parts included: 8 Pcs

  1.  Apex Fully Machined Sear
  2.  Ultimate Striker Block
  3.  Striker Block Spring
  4.  Talon Tactical tool
  5.  Apex Competition striker spring
  6.   Apex Competition Sear Spring 1/8" (Lg)**
  7. Apex Competition Trigger Return Spring
  8. Apex Slave Pin (assists with installation of trigger return spring)
  • Apex Ultimate Striker Block kit
  • Apex Competition Spring Kit (Two sear springs of different sizes are included with kit)

Striker Spring Install Video 

**This kit no longer contains a Small 1/16" sear plunger spring.  If your gun has the 1/16" sear spring, we recommend purchasing a new sear housing block, if you are unable to obtain a new sear housing block, we recommend the use of the factory sear spring.. 

Comp AEK Install video-Part 1 (DCAEK)

Comp AEK Install video- Part 2 (DCAEK)    


Expected results:

  • Shortens over-travel.
  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Reduces trigger weight by approximately 4lbs (based on a starting trigger pull weight of 7-8lbs)
NOTE: For those with a CA, MA, or other 10+ lb required trigger pull weight; due to heavier average spring rates, results are likely to be more significant, with a reduction of 6-7 lbs.


Applicable to what guns: 

Note:  *Two Sear springs are included in the kit. Use only one sear spring that fits your model of M&P.  Small 1/16" or Large 1/8".   

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