10-8 Performance 1911 Flat Trigger

10-8 Performance

$ 24.75 

Originating from a design by Hilton Yam and Larry Vickers, the trigger features a solid aluminum shoe with a serrated face in natural finish, a full width stainless steel bow, and a fixed stainless steel overtravel stop permanently mounted from the rear of the shoe.

  • This trigger eliminates all issues associated with loose overtravel screws -- no staking, Loctite, or other end user monitoring is necessary.
  • Once the overtravel is set, it is good to go for the life of the trigger.   
  • The trigger shoe features a flat face, providing consistent trigger feel no matter where you engage the trigger.
  • The length of pull is the same as the shortest point on a traditional "long" curved trigger.
  • The triggers are oversized and will require gunsmith fitting.  
  • Compatible with all single stack 1911 pattern pistols.

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